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Published 28 July 2018

Hi there

I am Adam your conductor for this train journey with the final destination of Hype.

Calling in at Cyberpunk 2077, Pokemon, Death Stranding, Two point Hospital, Halo infinite and many or destinations along the way.

This mainly going to be about me and peeps’s podcast but will post other thoughts and reviews as the mood takes us.

The main aim of the podcast is to have a place to talk in a fun and safe place. We will try our best to maintain it. The podcast will be censored so everyone can enjoy but I will look in to placing an unedited version of the podcast on Patreon as pledge level.

One thing I am looking forward to is Game Club. In that we will be playing a game every month and then discussing it. Everybody who want to join will be able to as we will set up a place on our sub reddit to discuss it.

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