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Published 6 June 2020

Producer’s Note; “ I know times are not the best right now but I thought it would be better to upload right now, to hopefully give people some to entertain and put a smile on their faces. I hope everybody is safe and this will be a call for some much needed change.”

This time Adam & Steff are joined by a new guest.

Who is confusingly also Adam. So Well come Adam Olenik.


We discuss the Night City Wire. Adam gave the date as 12th of June but at the time of recording it was 11th. Now it has been postponed.

Game’s We Have Played.

Adam O Talks about the massive unheard of JRPG called Ys: Lacrimosa (apparently means ‘weeping’) of Dana, His Monster Hunter World addiction and Dark Side Detective.

Steff talks about 2 point hospital, Factorio and Pokemon Sword.

Adam C talks about Age of Wonder: PlanetFall

The group reminisce about Secret of Monkey Island. How great Akira movie and manga is. And how we don’t like censorship. 

Adam O learns about human digestion.

We have our inaugural Back of the DVD Blurb Quiz.

Hope every body is okay in these trying time and sorry we don’t have an egg for you.

Stay Safe and Stay Happy

Peeps at The Last Hype Train.

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