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Adam David Carter

A writer and gamer from Birmingham (Originaly from sunny Newcastle-Under-Lyme).


Twitter @AdamDavidCarter

PS4: pr0z4cN4ti0n

Plays on PS4, XBOX One and Steam(Mac)

Favourite Genre

4X and RPGs (can't decide which)

Favourite Game (currently)


Guilty Pleasure.

Sorry I do not understand the concept.

Favourite Animal

Cats (Obviously)

Stephanie Louise Carter

Semi professional doodler and professional crisp eater


Steam Cpt Corbeau

PSN lost_juice

Insta roxi_corpse

Platform being played on

Play on steam (Mac), PS4

Favourite genre

Time management

Favourite game

Tropico 4/5

Guilty pleasure

Twitch streams

Favourite Animal

Octopus/shark or cat 

Elliot Raye Boffy-Tarafdar

I like sleeping and eating


GT: Elliot Tarafdar

Psn: ElliotTarafdar

Instagram: Elliot_Tarafdar

Favourite Genre

Racing or Fighting Games

Favourite Game (currently)

Mass effect 2

Guilty Pleasure.

Cooking videos on youtube (He does not even cook! Ad's Note)

Favourite Animal

The Noble Peregrine Falcon